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Modulator, Demodulator, Modem ICs and IP Cores Design for Satellite Internet

We're designing and delivering the state-of-the-art satellite Internet modem ICs and IP cores.

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All our IP cores are developed in HDL (Hardware Description Language) using the top down design methodology. All our IP cores are simulated at behavioral and gate levels and are provided with methodology scripts, exhaustive standard compliance verification suites and complete documentation. Our methodology also includes, for complex communication system design, hardware verification with application and development boards. In addition, our IP cores are specifically designed to achieve a high level of re-usability to dramatically reduce the development time of complex applications.

Our IP cores are available for licensing at the source code level as well as at the binary bitstream level providing customers with maximum flexibility and future-proofing. For customers with particular needs, our IPs can offer optional customization services in addition to the included technical support. As well as standard and customized IP products, full custom design services are also available.

IC or IP Core Design for Satellite Internet

We design integrated circuits and IP cores for PC and mobile broadband satellite Internet (SatNet) access systems with or without satellite bases, for portable uses for single person and home, movable on any point of the earth or fixed use.

The modem ICs and IP cores are designed for use in satellite based broadband Internet communications for home and professionals and will also be made available to businesses, communities, governments and the defense in the future.

The ICs and IP cores can be incorporated into various satellite transmitters, receivers, transceivers, modems, terminals, indoor units on the ground or onboard the satellites.

Please note that all ICs and IP cores are custom designed.

We're designing and delivering the state-of-the-art satellite Internet modem ICs and IP cores.

An earlier yet obsolete version of Angelia is maintained for reference only, see https://angeliaplutus.github.io/