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Satellite Internet Market Expansion into China

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Angelia offers satellite Internet China market expansion services to companies and organizations in industry worldwide.

China has the largest Internet market and is still expanding with new technologies, such as 5G, IoT and satellite communications. Chinese companies are also investing in satellite based Internet for remote homes, villages, ships, marines, and offshore platforms as well as military operations, although with quite diffrent approaches to other parts of the world. They are even offering their services to non-Chinese clients. If you would like to know more about the Chinese investment and development in this direction, consult with us.

Angelia as a platform for the satellite Internet industry has been following this development and is therefore able to provide you with some kinds of services such as market entry into China. We can help some of the companies in the industry to start your business in China, whether you're a technology or equipment developers such as modems, routers, terminals, hubs, platforms or solution providers or engineering companies, or service providers of satellite Internet access. We can help find where and how to start your business, with whom to cooperate and how much money you shall invest in the business and how you will get back your investment.

There are intense competition of course, but the market potential is huge. Right now it is not yet clear, how far the Chinese government wants or allow the satellite Internet business to develop itself. But in the end, the market will be expanding, and people will tend to use new technologies, rather than stick to the old wired Internet.