IC Consulting and Technical Services

In addition to modem IC design, we can also provide the following services to chip designers, foundries, and EDA tool developers/vendors/distributors worldwide who are interested in the Chinese chip/VLSI market:

Sales and marketing incl Online marketing, Pre-studies and feasability studies

Technical support incl
Design Kits and Tool Support
Upgrading and secondary development
Trouble shooting
Localization (Software, Application Notes, Product Brochures, White Papers, Packaging Information etc )
particularly for EDA developers

Chip design outsourcing incl
Feasibility studies
Architecture and specification writing
RTL implementation and physical design
Circuit design and simulation
Analog and digital layout at cell, macro and block level
Physical design verification (DRC, LVS, ERC, DFM)
SRAM design (single and dual port SRAM and Register files)
Joint chip design in China for cost reduction and time to market speedup as well as to more adopt to local market

IP & SIP trading

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