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Satellite Broadband Internet Consulting and Technical Services


For Service Proviers / Operators


Angelia offers satellite broadband consulting and organizational development services in broadband systems, to organizations in industry.

Satellite industry consulting services offered by Angelia address issues in the technical, operational, and business domains. We are particularly expert in assessing new technology and identifying how it may be inserted into systems that must achieve important objectives. The particular application areas of our focus include:

  • Satellite technology and use - ground segments
  • Broadband and wireless communications
  • Project development services for VSAT IT networks


Angelia has contributed strongly to the success of established technology developers, service providers, enterprises and startup ventures in these areas, including the following examples:

  • Design of national and regional satellite networks to deliver broadband Internet employing the DVB-S/S2/S2X standards
  • Preliminary and detailed design of a global satellite communications network;
  • Selection of appropriate satellite capacity;
  • Definition of the ground segment;
  • Selection of user terminals;
  • Review and improvement of technical and management operations;
  • Assessing and valuing new satellite and broadband communications technologies, such as Internet Protocol adaptation for wide area networking and use of frequencies above 10 GHz for broadband access and backbone services;
  • Due diligence of a hardware manufacturer in the satellite microwave field.


For any business service provider who wants to enter into or expand the market of satellite broadband connections, it is not an easy task to undertake the business from an idea to realization of profit generation. You need to decide some of the key issues before pouring in your money, such as those:

  • which satellite operator(s) will you be cooperating with? (that also depends on the ground applications you're envisaging)
  • what types of clients you will be serving - the whole world population, a continent, a big/medium/small country, a region, a city, a district, a community, an organization small or large, a building, a group or groups of few individuals spread over a certain area, etc etc.


Afterwards you will be required to decide an optimal system layout design and configuration as well as the technologies and systems/equipments/devices that suit your clients best, in terms of performance and costs.

You shall also consider the installation, maintenance, repair, replace and upgrading requirements before the actual implementation of the project.


For Consumers


First of all, you will determine your use cases: short time for a few days, a few weeks, a few months or long terms for years.

Next you need to determine your budget, that is, how much money you want to pay for your satellite Internet access, and what types of access you are going to buy, such as broadband, narrow band, multimedia use or simply geolocation etc.

Based on the above requirements, you're able to figure out what types of service providers and systems/equipments you need to purchase.

There are lots of service providers out there, you need to decide one based on your above requirements and your location.

You have to decide whether you need a portable, a mobile or a fixed satellite Internet access systems, and what technologies you have to use.

We will then decide an optimal system as well as appropriate technologies and systems/equipments/devices that suit your needs, in terms of performance and costs.

Will shall also consider the requirements for installation, maintenance, repair, replacement and upgrading before the actual operation of your satellite Internet terminals which are composed of antennas, modems, cabling and other necessary devices.


We're just the right company for your above needs. Our long time experiences in the design of modem for satellite broadband have enabled us to understand all the details of the business chains, from satellite operators, down to ground equipment vendors, solution and operation providers. Rely on us for your complete solution of a viable satellite broadband connection.