The Founder

Mark Chen, is a Master of engineering from a top Chinese university and a PhD candidate of several major international universities. Before entering into the IC industries, he has been working in the power and energy industries, as well as some other interesting industries such as IT, linguistic, aviation, yacht industries for two decades in various roles and positions such as design, development, consulting and engineering at some of the most powerful corporations in the relevant industries.

Since 2013 Mr Chen has been involved in the IC technology field, first as a researcher of advanced IC technology such as quantum computer and circuits, nano technology, and other promising new generation of IC technologies. One of his most studied areas is the graph theory for IC technology, particularly IC design, because graph theory plays a vital role in the algorithm design of IC layout. His focus was on the graph theoretic problems for quantum circuits, especially the superconducting quantum circuits.

Later on he has decided to concentrate on satellite broadband communications, with modem technologies and its IC design as his new direction of research and business. His vision is that along with the powerful development of mobile computing, satellite broadband will eventually surpass ground based broadband systems in the near future and therefore he has established Angelia to embrace this transformation.



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