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Our Modem IP Cores


Chip Design for Satellite Broadband Internet (SatNet)

Integrated Circuits for PC and Mobile Broadband Satellite Internet (SatNet) Access System with or without satellite bases, for portable uses for single person and home, movable on any point of the earth or fixed use.

Circuits have been designed and simulated using Mentor Graphics / Cadence Virtuoso Suite + Spectre / MATLAB SIMULINK toolbox.

TSMC 0.18um MMRF CMOS process technology is applied at a power supply of +/- 0.9v.

DVB-S2X IP is integrated into FPGA


The technologies involve SDR (Software Defined Radio), FPGA (Field Programmable Gate Arrays) , DSP (Digital Signal Processors), SoC (System on Chip), and other IC technologies. Some topics may relate to chip design and manufacturing, and configurable circuits applicable to the design of satellite based broadband Internet modem ICs.


Our modem IC cores will be applicable to DVB standards series as well as other applicable standards in the industries.


Our Current Design Project - DVBS2 MODULATOR CORE