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China Satellite Broadband Monthly (CSBM) Reports


The English language CSBM reports are dedicated to international satellite broadband communities who want to have a first hand research and analysis about the Chinese satellite broadband industry and market on timely basis. This report is the only one of that kind available to international satellite broadband businesses, and covers key development areas such as (fundamental) research, development and design technology, manufacturers, operators, solution, engineering and marketing service providers, market, investment as well as key government policy, plans and programs in mainland China (excl. H.K. and Taiwan, ROC). This report was initiated as a result of our own studies of the satellite broadband technologies and industry, along with our fundamental researches (wireless and satellite communications, modulation and demodulation, information theory and signal processing etc) in the satellite broadband design and manufacturing in collaboration with research institutes and universities in China and other countries. The report was started upon the requests of our clients over the years. We also need these compilations for our own researches and development.

The CSBM reports are prepared by the first class industry insiders, therefore we can assure you, once you own it, you will find it extremely worthwhile your investment and time reading and analyzing our reports. We know the Chinese satellite broadband industry that is undergoing drastic change right now. And like many other industry sectors, if you do not follow up it well on timely manner, you will loose your chance and market. Remember, China is the world's largest broadband market therefore noone can afford to stay away from that market if he or she wants to be among the global players.

See ChinaSat_Reports_Month_Intro.pdf () for a quick view of how this report is designed.

In additional to the textual reports (with options of accompanying media files such as pictures, audio and video files), we're also delivering the socalled China Satellite Broadband Databases (CSBD), which is presented as a form of MySQL databases as well as sectional presentations in pdf (R&D, designers,manufacturers, key equpment suppliers, operators and solution and service providers, key investors and traders etc), with all necessary details for your further studies and contacts.

Stay informed with the Chinese Satellite Broadband industry with our above products and services.